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QK has commissioned award winning local artists to create authentic wall-sized lifestyle art. Stop by the second floor and peruse the royal art gallery collection which depicts many of the royal family members. 
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Katie Borden Katie Borden has enjoyed drawing since childhood. She moved to Hawaii for a summer and ended up staying for 14 years. "Hopefully this mural will brighten your day! I thought that the a combination of the photo in the reception area, of the surfer and his dog, and the pineapple poster, would be a fun concept to play with."

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Mike Field Mike Field grew up on the beach of Waikīkī and soon found himself sailing and paddling beyond the reefs of O‘ahu to aquatic adventures around the world. “I wanted my mural to tell a story that would be as welcoming and timeless as the hospitality of Waikīkī. Ulukou, mean- ing “grove of kou trees,”

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Nick Kuchar Nick Kuchar enjoys surfing, baseball statistics, listening to Muddy Waters, herding cats, & driving his VW bus. Nick is inspired by the early days of surfing & beach culture. “I set out to capture some of my favorite things going on day- to-day in Waikīkī and show how close in proximity they are to the Queen K. Things like happy hour overlooking Diamond Head, paddling out at Queen’s and listening to music at the Shell are a few of the activities that people can enjoy in Waikiki."

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